Kelli Mccarty turns from actress to porn star

kelli mccarty

She LOVES Her Job

They say that you have to follow your passion right? Don’t settle for anything less than doing what you love. Well, from the path of Kelli McCarty’s career it is pretty obvious what she loves – being in the lime light. Kelli McCarty put herself in the lime light back in 1991 when she was in the Miss USA pageant representing Kansas. She’s a beautiful woman so there’s no surprise that she won and then continued to compete and made it to the finals of Miss Universe. She stayed in the lime light for 7 years on the hit daytime soap opera, Passions, where she played Beth until they killed her off in an accident. She didn’t exactly disappear after that as she continued to get roles in television shows like Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and some popular Disney Channel shows, but I guess that wasn’t a bright enough light for her. And that turns out to be a good thing for us pervs that are just looking for some naked titties.

She headed to Vivid Entertainment and convinced them that her real passion was fucking and that she just had to get naked and do nasty things in front of the camera. They agreed that she would be perfect for it, signed her, and pretty soon everyone was watching her in her first film, Faithless. Hardcore sex seems to agree with her because she kept on appearing in hardcore films with Vivid and she sure was in the light then!

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Rosario Dawson Naked

Rosario Dawson

Latina Movie Star is Smoking Hot

There is something about Latina women that we just can’t help but love and Rosario Dawson seems to have all the qualities we love the most – dark and sexy eyes, full lips, and natural killer curves. She made her first movie appearance when she was only 15 years old. She was discovered sitting on her front porch and was soon playing the kick ass teenager with an attitude and grown up look in the movie Kids. Of course, there was no nude appearances in that movie but she sure gave viewers a hint of what she was capable of. Spike Lee saw her potential and put in her in his movie, He Got Game, and that’s when we first saw her nude. She really wowed the guys and after that they just couldn’t get enough of her!

Years later she got the role of Roxana in a steamy, exciting movie called Alexander, which was released in 2004. I think this might be the role that her fans love her in the most. For just a second, let’s forget that she gets naked. As Roxana, she plays a feisty chick that really knows how to kick some serious butt and can really take care of herself. And then she gets naked – while fighting. How can that possibly not be the hottest thing you’ve ever imagined! If you haven’t seen this movie, that nude fight scene is worth it all by itself!

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Kate Winslet Nudes

kate winslet

Porcelain Beauty

There are a lot of gorgeous women in the world but if you love women that have those classic good looks with porcelain skin, Kate Winslet is your girl. She comes from the UK but she gets loads of attention all over the world because the media just loves her. And how can they not? She’s sexy and alluring and she’s not afraid to get naked in her movies. No wonder she has so many fans. She’s got the kind of body that demands attention – lots of curves!

Heavenly Creatures was the first movie where we saw Kate Winslet naked. She was just 18 and her young body made people fall in love with her. Once they saw her they were hooked. Fortunately, she didn’t stop giving them what they wanted. Since Heavenly Creatures she’s been seen nude in lots of movies including Quills, Mildren Pierce (her most recent) and Jude. She doesn’t just show nip slips either – you can see her full on frontal nude in many of her movies. And once you see her you’re only going to want to see more. Of course, you could watch all of her movies – or you could just go directly to all the best scenes.

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Sexy Canadian Neve Campbell gets fucked

neve campbell

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Ashley Benson Gives Spring Break a Good Name

ashley benson

Spring Break is the time to check out all the sexy bikini babes and if you’re watching the hot movie, Spring Breakers, you’ll have to watch for Ashley Benson. It would be hard to miss this sexy California girl in her cute little bikinis. This is a real treat because in Pretty Little Liars she’s mostly pretty much fully dressed. Same with her other roles in the past. We’ve waited long enough to see some of her hot body playing on the beach and in the wave. Ashley Benson is so hot, you’re not going to be able to get enough of this babe. You’ll likely watch the movie twice! Or you can…

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Helena Bonham Carter sex scene

Helena Bonham Carter -sex

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Gwyneth Paltrow fucking


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Sexy Elisabeth Moss


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This scene shows hot actress Elisabeth Moss in a newer series showing nudity of hers called Top of the Lake. This scene has her lovemaking with a male co-star completely naked and kissing passionately as her cute breasts are exposed in mid-coitus. It’s brief, but it’s definitely worth seeing and that’s the kind of outstanding action that Mr. Skin provides their viewers. Liz really has an outstanding body, complete with nice, full breasts and her career flourished after this movie with roles in The West Wing and Grey’s Anatomy. You really won’t want to miss her in her cute birthday suit here.

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