Hot Babe from Down Under

There are so many hot celebrities out there on the screen these days but the ones that come from down under are the sexiest and they have no trouble showing off their great bodies in hot and sexy sex scenes. One of those female celebs that doesn’t mind a good sex scene in her movies is Elle Macpherson. This girl has a beautiful body and as she gets older it just gets better. The last time that she was seen naked was when she was 47 – just a couple years ago – and she was just as steaming hot then as when she did her first nude calendar when she was 20. She’s been seen in some pretty hot movies with sex scenes including Sirens and A Girl Thing and she has never had any regrets. Even in her everyday life she doesn’t get bothered about showing a little skin. She’s been seen on nude beaches several times and naked sunbathing on her boat, too.

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